Carnival before the end: TV Carnival ” Mainz remains Mainz ” on the tilt

Carnival before the end: TV Carnival ” Mainz remains Mainz ” on the tilt

That is an imperative to prevent this country from dividing any further"said the CDU politician to the newspapers of the Funke media group. "Not taking these people seriously would be wrong." According to the politician, the number of demonstrators could increase if people hold critical positions "Immediately pushed into a corner and excluded as a conversation partner" would.

Kretschmer had one hour talks with demonstrators in Dresden on Saturday during protests against the Corona measures and received a lot of criticism for this. Also because he wasn’t wearing a face mask. He had already defended the talks earlier this week. In the Funke interview, however, admitted that in view of the many people it would have been better to put on a mask.

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On Wednesday evening Kretschmer was in Pirna, where around 300 people demonstrated for peaceful coexistence in the Corona crisis. The city in Saxon Switzerland has been the scene of protests against restrictions in the pandemic in recent weeks. This time he consistently wore a face mask.

The CDU politician also blames social networks for a division in society. "The Internet promotes one-sided, radical positions", he said. In an interview with the magazine "Focus" he demanded a stronger crackdown on false news and conspiracy theories. "Politicians must not stand by and watch as unfiltered false reports are spread. We have to take action quickly at the federal level", says Kretschmer. He called for social network providers to be held accountable and for those who spread fake news to be punished more severely.

Almost two thirds of the Saxon SPD members voted for a coalition with the CDU and the Greens. Now the only thing left is the Greens’ vote on the alliance.

Saxony’s SPD has voted for a joint government with the CDU and the Greens. 74 percent of its members voted for the coalition, as the party announced on Monday. Almost 64 percent of the roughly 5,000 voting SPD members took part in the survey.

"The SPD members have had our backs"said state chairman Martin Dulig. He saw the result as a clear vote to assume responsibility for the next five years. Dulig named the community school, the minimum wage and the establishment of a regional transport company as central topics.

Clear vote after a long discussion

In the past few days, the coalition agreement was presented at nine regional SPD conferences. The comrades had discussed a lot, reported parliamentary group leader Dirk Panter. There were also critical voices among them. The clear vote is all the more beautiful. The Saxon Social Democrats were able to cast their vote until Sunday evening shortly before midnight. The state board and state advisory board wanted to meet again on Monday evening to officially confirm the result.

Now the members of the Greens still have to vote for the coalition agreement – the result is to be announced on Thursday. The CDU was the first alliance partner at its party congress on December 11th to clear the way for a three-party alliance in Saxony, which is a novelty in Saxony. It would be the third so-called Kenya coalition in Germany after Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg.

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The government in Saxony is said to be shortly before Christmas. The re-election of CDU Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer and the presentation of the cabinet are planned for December 20.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The commemoration of the destruction of Dresden in World War II has always been ideologically charged, especially from the right. But leftists have evidently rioted in the old Annenfriedhof.

After the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden, strangers lit several funeral wreaths at the Old Annenfriedhof in Dresden or threw them into rubbish bins. A letter of confession with photos of the action later appeared on the left-wing online portal

There it says under the heading "Cleaning action on the old Annenfriedhof": "German perpetrators are not victims – abolish the Dresden victim myth and commemoration!" The laying of the wreath is a mockery of all victims of the Shoah and the German war of aggression and glorifies historical events.

Dresden: right-wing extremists abuse commemoration

Politicians from various parties laid commemorative wreaths in several cemeteries in the city on Thursday, including Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU). The day was marked by a neo-Nazi march with around 1,000 participants and several counter-demonstrations, to which at least twice as many people turned up. 

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75 years ago, on February 13, 1945 and in the days after, Dresden was severely destroyed by British and US bombs, killing up to 25,000 people. Again and again, the historic date is misused by right-wing extremists to relativize the crimes of the National Socialists. Since 2012 the peaceful remembrance of the citizens has predominated.

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After the sale of mulled wine to go was recently restricted to contain the corona pandemic, the city of Hamburg is now introducing stricter rules. The sale of open alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

In order to contain the corona pandemic, Hamburg will ban the sale of alcoholic beverages that are intended for immediate consumption from Wednesday onwards. 

"The sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages that are intended or suitable for immediate consumption – especially in glasses, mugs or one-way beverage containers – are prohibited throughout the city"announced the Senate on Tuesday. This does not apply to commercially closed beverage bottles, cans or bags.

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So far, there has only been a temporary ban on "Mulled wine to go" in parts of the Schanzenviertel, Ottensens and Winterhude. 

Sources used: dpa news agency

If you like cream, you should treat yourself to a men’s cream for dessert. The tender melt of this dessert makes you forget calories – and with our recipe, the dessert is guaranteed to be a success.

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The men’s cream is a traditional Westphalian dessert that used to be a part of every festive meal – at weddings or a church festival. The practical: everyone had ingredients such as milk, cornstarch, sugar, rum or grain, block chocolate and vanilla at home.

Recipe: men’s cream

For six people you need the following ingredients:

1 liter whole milk 100 g cornstarch 200 g sugar 1 vanilla pod a little salt 100 to 150 g grated bitter couverture 1/2 liter cream 40 ml rum (to taste)


Mix the cornstarch in a little cold milk. Heat the rest of the milk with sugar, pulp of the vanilla pod and a pinch of salt. Now stir in the cornstarch and cook everything into a pudding. Let the mixture cool and then stir it Whip the cream until stiff and fold it in together with the grated couverture. Refine the men’s cream with the rum as desired. Portion the cream into glass bowls and refrigerate.

Before serving, you can decorate the dessert with whipped cream, some grated couverture, fresh raspberries or cherries from the glass.

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Tip: Instead of stirring the chocolate into the cream, you can also grate it generously over it.

Sources used: own research news agency dpa

Hardly any other city has such a large mineral water resource as Stuttgart. There are several state-approved medicinal springs. But the mineral water is always exposed to dangers.

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In Stuttgart it gushes with springs. Hardly any big city has been given so richly by nature. "This is particularly true for the Bad Cannstatter und Berger mineral water treasure, which springs up from the subsoil in quantities of up to 44 million liters every day", explains Technology Mayor Dirk Thürnau. This means that the municipality has the second largest mineral water resource in Europe after Budapest.

While the mineral water once flowed out in natural spring pots – the so-called Sulzen – today it is drawn with 19 wells in different geological layers. Mineral water, sourlings and even thermal water are developed with it – with a pouring of 22 million liters a day, as the municipality further reports.

Dangers for mineral water near Stuttgart 21

Twelve of the Muschelkalk fountains and a thermal brine made from red sandstone and crystalline are officially recognized as healing springs. There are also many wild springs: about half of the mineral water flows undetected and unused into the Neckar or the gravel bodies of the Neckartalaue.

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When planning the billion-dollar project Stuttgart 21 – the redesign of the main train station into an underground transit station and the connection to the high-speed railway line to Ulm – the protection of the mineral springs was an important issue. Opponents of the project repeatedly warned of possible dangers to the mineral water during the construction work.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Bonn (dpa / tmn) – Sparkling water in the dough not only makes egg or pancakes airier and makes them rise better. The trick with carbonated mineral water also works with dessert or cottage cheese.

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Both are creamy and tender even without cream, explains the Information Center for German Mineral Water (IDM). If you mix a vegetable and herb quark for the jacket potatoes, you should stir 6 tablespoons into the mixture for 600 g of low-fat quark.

The association of mineral fountain and medicinal water companies recommends only slightly mineralized mineral water for the preparation of waffles or a mousse, as this preserves the dessert’s own taste.

Even soups, sauces or dips would be nice and creamy with the fat-saving trick without sour cream or crème fraîche if they were prepared with mineral water. Salad dressings also worked with significantly less oil when extended with mineral water.

If you only cook fish or meat in mineral water, you can even save the fat entirely. Simply froth up the sparkling mineral water briefly in a hot, coated pan. Then add the meat or fish and cook until golden brown. Once the liquid has evaporated, add more mineral water, tablespoon at a time. 

She wanted beer – he bought water. In Bavaria, therefore, a dispute between a couple escalated. The police then received calls with a special request.

In the Swabian town of Kaisheim, a woman insulted her husband for not bringing any beer from shopping. The dispute between the 67-year-old and her 70-year-old husband, who only returned from the store with mineral water, rocked so high on Thursday that the two finally hit each other and mutually inflicted bleeding scratches and hematomas, as the police in Augsburg announced on Friday.

During the fight, the woman dialed the emergency number and asked the police officers to bring some beers with them on their trip. The police officers did not obey this. The woman’s request that the officials should punish her husband physically was not granted.

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There was no delivery of beer by the police

After the police visit, the husband voluntarily withdrew to a separate room in the apartment. Hours after the first police operation from 4:30 a.m., the woman dialed the emergency number six times and asked the police for a delivery of beer. However, this did not take place – the police took criminal charges against both spouses.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Frankfurt / Main (dpa / tmn) – The good news first: If you buy mineral water in Germany, you can’t go wrong. Of 100 medium waters tested, 65 are with "very good" or "Well" been rated. That comes from a test by the magazine "Eco test" (June 2020 edition).

Reasons still unclear: Rossmann recalls disinfectants. Caution, plastic pieces: drugstore chain dm recalls gingerbread. Nutcracker trick: Cracking frozen nuts with your bare hand Works with frozen nuts: Do you know the nutcracker trick? Sold for two months: drugstore chain calls back fruit tea

A tip: Those who buy water from the region not only support the local mineral springs, but also ensure shorter transport routes.

The following are some of the very good waters:

– Bad Liebenwerda (source Brandenburg)

– Bad Brückenauer (Bavaria)

– Black Forest Fine Pearl (Baden-Württemberg)

– Elisabethen Quelle (Hesse)

– Saxony source (Saxony)

– Quelle Castle (NRW)

– Vilsa Brunnen (Lower Saxony)

– Wittenseer calm slightly sparkling (Schleswig-Holstein)

– Güstrower Schlossquell (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

– Gerolsteiner Medium (Rhineland-Palatinate)

– Rennsteig Medium (Thuringia)

– "Well" is the Saskia Medium Quelle Jessen (Saxony-Anhalt)

The testers advise against only two mineral waters: in one the uranium content was well above the maximum value permitted for drinking water.